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Workshops (RACE Approved)

May 20/21

One to two-day workshops are available at the HQHVSN training center. This is for practicing veterinarians (with surgical experience) and their support team. Six hours of RACE credits are available for the didactic portion and six are available for the hands-on portion.

Workshops (RACE Approved): News

Day 1 (Didactic Content) - Dress casually and comfortably!


9am - 9:30am              Continental Breakfast/Check-In

9:30am - 10:20am        Overview of HQHVSN and the ASV Guidelines

10:30am - 11:20am       What Does Science Say about HQHVSN Techniques?

11:30-12:20pm              Efficient Workflow - Can we really do 50 surgeries in a day (well!)?

12:30pm - 2pm             Lunch and Networking

2pm - 2:50pm              Minimally Invasive Surgery - How to Make the Most Out of Your Incision

3pm - 3:50pm              Alternative Surgical Methods - Decrease Time and Improve Outcomes
4pm - 4:50pm              Video Cases - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Surgeries

5pm - 5:30pm              Plan for Clinic Day



Day 2 (Hands-On Clinic Day) - Please wear scrubs!

9am - 5:30pm       Continental Breakfast/Snacks/Lunch -Grab anytime during the day!

Groups will rotate through all of the stations including Pre-op/Prep, Spays, Castrations, Post-op/Recovery, to get experience in all the techniques associated with HQHVSN.

Time will be built in for people to rotate out for lunch as well.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

9 am - 12pm                                 Group 1 and 2 Spay surgery

9am - 10:30am                             Group 3 Prep/Castrations   Group 4 Knock-Out/Post-Op/Recovery 

10:30am - 12pm                            Group 3 and 4 Switch

12pm -  3 pm                                Group 3 and 4 Spay Surgery

12pm - 1:30pm                              Group 1 Prep/Castrations  Group 2 Knock-Out/Post-Op/Recovery

1:30pm - 3pm                                Group 1 and 2 Switch

3pm - 5pm                                    Pick a Station for more Practice/Questions/
                                                      Discussion/or Head out Early

5pm - 5:30pm                               Wrap-up 

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