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Frankie's Friends Mission

The mission of Frankie's Friends is to provide cats and other animals relief of suffering from cruelty, neglect, disease, injury, and homelessness.

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How Frankie's Friends Was Formed


Frankie’s Friends Cat Rescue arose due to a need for long-term care of abused cats. Over 500 cats, both dead and alive, were removed from an institutionalized hoarding facility by the authorities. We cared for these cats from the day of rescue through the many months during court proceedings while their fate was being determined. 


After the defendant was convicted of animal cruelty, the cats were finally free to be adopted. We worked on getting the adoptable cats into loving homes, but when it became evident that some of the cats would never be well enough for adoption and would require life-long care, we couldn't turn our backs on them.  


We formed a Care Center just for those special cats, where they would be able to live out their lives in comfort - cared for by their veterinarian, technicians, and volunteers.

Now, our mission is to stop cats from suffering from cruelty, neglect, disease, injury, homelessness, and to reduce the number of cats (with high volume spay/neuter services) that enter shelters or are euthanized due to overpopulation.

How FF was formed

Who is Frankie?


On March 13, 2008, Frankie and hundreds of his friends were rescued from a veritable death camp for cats. These cats were afflicted with very atypical infectious diseases, and required intensive care to even have a chance at survival. 


Frankie was one of these special felines.  He had a great spirit and love of life - walking on leash, going for car rides, and purring, even after a tracheostomy and multiple surgeries to open up his airway. 


He fought bravely, but in the end, we could not undo what the disease had done. All we can do now is honor him and the others who lost their lives by doing everything possible to prevent this from happening again - fighting animal cruelty in its many forms.

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Who is Frankie?
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