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What's the Scoop
on Frankie's Friends?

Frankie's Friends began providing low-cost veterinary care to the community 11 years ago to financially support over 100 cats that were saved from abuse at Tiger Ranch, a massive, institutionalized hoarding facility. What started as a “medical rescue” and sanctuary for abused cats grew quickly into an organization that provides low or no-cost veterinary services six days per week, including mobile spay/neuter services on weekends to 12 underserved counties across western Pennsylvania.


Frankie’s Friends also rehabilitates and rehomes around 500 cats each year as well as provides veterinary forensic expertise and responds to animal cruelty cases for all animal species. 

While the organization provides low-cost spay/neuter for hundreds of shelter dogs annually, the primary focus, based on the mission to stop animal suffering, is on community cats. This community cat population is responsible for over 80% of the kittens born each season and, therefore, a huge reason that shelters and rescues are overburdened, cats remain homeless or are euthanized in shelters. Through partnerships with other rescue organizations that trap cats, bring them to the stationary clinic, or organize mobile clinics, Frankie’s Friends spays/neuters over 8,000 cats each year. 


In just one 7-hour mobile clinic, it is typical for Dr. Morrow and her team of 2 veterinary technicians to surgically sterilize 50 to 60 cats as well as provide vaccinations, parasite treatments, and other treatments that may be needed while they are under anesthesia. This is possible due to the protocols, skills, and proficiency that were developed by the team.

This efficiency and proficiency also leads to much lower costs, allowing many pet owners who have limited means to afford spays/neuters for their pets, thus helping to thwart unwanted pregnancies that contribute to overpopulation.


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Building the Valley: Frankie's Friends Cat Clinic creating training center for 'quick fix' spay and neuter technique

TONY LARUSSA   | Tuesday, March 29, 2022 12:01 a.m.

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