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Veterinary Forensics and Animal Cruelty Investigations

Dr. Morrow is a trained, forensic veterinarian with 15 years of experience in this specialized field, totaling 24 years in veterinary practice. 


Forensic Examinations and Forensic Necropsies

Forensic exams and necropsies are performed to gather evidence and answer questions that are related to suspected animal cruelty using different techniques than in normal practice.

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Animal Cruelty Response Team

 Trained, experienced teams are crucial to animal crime scene investigations and rescue of the victims once proper documentation is performed. 


Expert Witness Testimony

Evaluation of evidence and interpretation in the context of potential animal cruelty situations requires extra training and experience, along with the ability to explain the findings in court.


Large scale hoarding cases require special expertise - animals must be evaluated on scene and proper documentation completed prior to their removal and medical treatment. Collecting evidence under these circumstances as well as rescuing the victims of cruelty is difficult, but we are here to help. 

We assist law enforcement with documentation and gathering of evidence, rescue of the victims, medical care, filing charges, and testifying in court.

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Cat Hoarding Response

Click here to contact us about our forensic services or help with cruelty cases.

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