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Clinic Videos


Cats get a pre-operative injection for sedation and quickly get sleepy in their carrier.


We take them to the prep table as soon as they are mostly asleep.

Pre-op - Feral Cat 

Community cats that are unsocialized (feral) are maintained in their humane traps with a cover to minimize any stress.


We work with feral cats every day and do our best to use the least amount of handling by only removing them from the trap after they are sedated.


Patients are moved to the prep area to get ready for surgery. Oxygen and anesthetic gas is administered.


If requested, we also draw blood for the combo test while they are sleeping.


Patients are placed onto a "V" tray, clipped, and prepared for surgery by using three different antiseptics.

The sleeping cats are monitored for proper anesthetic depth by the medical team (watching breathing and monitoring heart rate and contractility by resting her hand on the chest).

Cat Neuter and Ear Tip

We use special surgical ties for super efficient procedures.

This cat is also getting an "ear tip" to indicate that he has been TNR'd (Trap-Neuter-Return for community cats!).


Patients receive any needed medications, vaccines, and parasite treatments.

They are monitored until sitting up on their chest (sternal position) and ready to go home!

Cat Spay
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