Frankie's Friends In the News

More than 40 Abandoned Cats Rescued by Frankie's Friends


Frankie's Friends was notified that multiple cats were abandoned and living in squalor in an Arnold, PA house.  Thirty five cats were rescued and taken to the sanctuary for temporary care while we allow them time to recover, spay and neuter them, and get them into loving homes. 


All of the cats were malnourished, but are responding well to the care they are now receiving.  They are still a bit shaken up by their ordeal, but are starting to play again!


Please contact Frankie's Friends at 724-889-7011 if you are interested in giving one of these discarded kitties a real home of their own.  


Even if you cannot provide a permanent home, consider providing a foster home to a frightened kitty who needs some special attention.


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