Our Mobile Surgery Unit


Frankie's Friends has a custom designed mobile unit that is fully equipped for surgery and treatment of animals requiring veterinary care.


We have performed thousands of surgeries in the unit and are pleased to work with other animal rescue organizations who are dedicated to providing high quality but low cost care to needy animals.



Our lead veterinarian has worked with multiple animal rescue organizations over the years, and has performed thousands of spays and neuters. 


We are experienced in handling cats of all temperaments, including feral cats. 


Rescue organizations or individuals in the Pittsburgh region who are interested in high quality/low cost services are welcome to call Frankie's Friends at 



Please leave your name and telephone number on the voicemail and someone will call you to get more information about the cats in your area that need help.


We can accommodate up to 50 cats per clinic day, and can come to your location for your clinic.