Veterinary Services

We specialize in providing affordable spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, parasite treatment, medical and surgical care for cats.

Open Tuesday - Thursday

Drop off is between 9-10am. *Pick up time varies, but is typically between


*We call you when your cat is ready to go home. Pick up time may be earlier or later depending on the day. All services must be scheduled.

No walk-ins.

Other Cat Services                Price

Examination (feral/stray only)           $25

FeLV/FIV Test*                                  $25

FVRCP Vaccine*                                 $10

Rabies Vaccine*                                 $10

FeLV Vaccine*                                    $12

Flea Treatment*                                 $10

Profender Wormer*                            $15

Microchipping*                                  $15

*Can be added to an exam or surgery

 Cash, Card (+3% charge), Venmo, or Paypal Payments only

Please Note:

We no longer provide surgery or veterinary services for dogs.

We provide spay/neuter and other surgeries for all cats, including pets.

We only provide examinations for stray/feral cats, no pets.

All cats must be fixed at time of examination. If they are not fixed, this will be done for healthy cats at the time of the service.

Surgery             Price

Cat Neuter*            $40

Cat Spay*               $55

Cat Lumpectomy    $150-300

Cat Dental              $150-250

*Can be added to an exam or surgery
Cash, Card (+3% charge), Venmo, or Paypal Payments only


* Includes Rabies Vaccine,

  Ear mite treatment, and 

  Flea Treatment

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